Our world is at the beginning of the peak of technology development.

1.Our world is at the beginning of the peak of technology development.

2.All contact information is transferred via the Internet electronic system. Transport vehicles thrive.in rail, sea and air roads.

3.We have done great work like never before, as Nasa built space stations. Building Panama Canal, Making Great Three Gorges Hydropower on the Yangtze River ...

There are also bridges and tunnels through the sea.

Highways across mountains, plateaus and deserts.

4.We are seeking and conquering extraterrestrial life, traveling and exploiting the universe.

But the downside of society today is that bad things are happening, on the other hand we are trying very hard but we have not found solutions to overcome.

5. Our natural habitat is very seriously threatened.

Tropical forests around the world are severely devastated to serve our purpose of living.

6. Even the rest of the world, like forests in Congo and Amazon, are suffering from similar disasters..

7. Hydroelectric dams are altering the flow of rivers, causing some parts of the delta to be threatened with seawater intrusion. Some of the seas are tending to run out and become salt deserts.

8. The world's rivers are mostly burdened by the pollution of rural and urban waste.

9. We can't save more than a yard, a corner of a music stage, a god yard or a kilometer of highways to make way for animals to live.

10.  We cannot give up coffee, cigarettes or tea and leave those areas for natural animals to live on.

11. Agricultural land is increasing. Not to mention large scale livestock farms that can devastate a forest to raise livestock.

12. Plants, factories, ship engines, vehicles, aircraft

 are becoming huge cigarettes, burning away the earth's lungs.

These wastes are causing pollution for soil, water, air and creating infectious and cancerous pathogens.

13. Internet media has helped us locate better. more accurate. But it contributes to the search and exploitation tools to exhaust the resources of fisheries, Exploiting and poaching rare animals.

What will be our future when big cities and countries like the Netherlands. Giacacta, Bangkok is engulfed by the melting ice. The plains are also at risk of being submerged by climate change.

15. We are the first step to the pinnacle of technological development of technology.

What solution should we do?

16. We know that but the thing that changes things back to the beginning is very difficult.

17. Because we can't go back in time because our earth can't go back.

18. However, we can overcome and do these things well with technology's thorough process.

19. developing fundamental industries in space technology We need a lot of oxygen, good air

20. Technological development.

 Large corporations like Apple, google, amazon .... Hand in hand for the environment to

21. Create the canal system, the water pipeline to carry out the green mac program.

22. Areas such as sahara, middle east or western China, America, Australia .... will become indispensable agricultural areas. farm economic area.

23. Renovate the desert into vegetable gardens with trees or create large artificial forests.

24.Construct a privileged living area reserved for nature where people have a sense of non-aggression for personal purposes.

25. Future agriculture does not depend on the destruction of more tropical forests.

26. Protect and strengthen the Amazon forest, Reconstructing the lungs for the world.

27.  Well-built safety corridors of tropical, temperate forests, taiga, hard-leaf forests, developing wide grasslands, potted vegetable gardens around the globe

28.The amazon belt is more tightly tightened in conservation.

29. Using solar electricity instead of developing hydroelectricity and electricity.

New era program about the journey for extraterrestrial life with space travel.

Program to develop the green planetary system creates a new era for Mars migration and renovation.

We build lives by bringing plants, animals, and people to live.

Green grass space everywhere in the world. Forests are revived when we reach the threshold of food technology grown in the city and rehabilitate the desert.

​We share more about life for species for the life of the earth.

the end.

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